How should the ideal caregiver be?

When it comes to childcare, what we prefer is that the mother takes care of the child in the 0-2 age range, at least an important step in the safe attachment period.

It is important for the child’s development that the mother spends time with the child and meets her basic and emotional needs. It is a very pleasant process for the mother to witness the firsts of her child. If the mother takes care of the child, she will witness her first step, first word, first tooth.

But if the mother does not have a chance to take care of her child for a long time, the second option is to take care of the child from her own family. This person is usually grandmother or grandmother.

Considering that grandmothers and grandmothers are around 50-60 years old and have health problems, they can perform daily routines such as eating, sleeping and changing the child’s basic needs.

The third option for parents is to keep a carer for the child. This process is a difficult process in both decision making and implementation stages. A few caregivers are tried, and a relationship of trust is established between the caregiver and parents. The process of accepting the child’s carer is monitored with anxiety.

So, given all this, what parents should pay attention to when choosing caregivers for their children.

In addition to knowing childcare, the caregiver should also be familiar with how to talk to the child, how to play, how to set rules and limits.
Because what is expected of the caregiver is not only meeting the basic needs of the child during the whole day, but also taking him out, communicating with him and playing games. These daily routines that will contribute to the development of the child are important.
The caregiver should not be an elderly person or a person with health problems. It should be capable of caring for the child, keeping up with the child, and being careful to prevent the child from harming him.
It is also an important factor that the caregiver is a mother, preferably. Although not very necessary, it may be a preferable feature. Being a mother can mean that the caregiver is experienced in childcare and child development.
The caregiver must be of an age to take responsibility for a small child. For example, if a girl between the ages of 17 and 18 does not have a brother and has never had a small child in her family, she cannot be expected to be experienced in childcare.
Recently, parents have preferred foreign carers. The biggest disadvantage of foreign carers is the language they speak. Since the child spends most of the day with the caregiver, the presence of a caregiver who speaks a foreign language, not Turkish, may cause negativity for the child’s language development.
Another important issue when it comes to the carer is security. This issue is among the issues that parents are most concerned about. When parents are not at home, they want to make sure that the caregiver does not mistreat the child.
An important feature to look for in a person who will be a babysitter is the love of children. carers; should be the person who loves children, shows them their love in a healthy way, and does not neglect and abuse the child.
The caregiver should have a little knowledge of child diseases and first aid knowledge. It is important for him to know how to intervene in any negativity or to ask for help.